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Ayurvedic treatments are great for everyone. But even more if you are into running or another other fitness activities. It is for everyone looking for peace of mind, body and soul.

I had just finished my long run and visited the center. I was warmly welcomed at the Global Ayurveda reception who explained the treatments that were available. I went in for traditional Ayurvedic oil massage, Abhyanga. The treatment room was spacious and clean with a lovely ambience....
The massage itself was fantastic, the herbal oils used was warm and soothing and felt instant suppleness on the skin. 
The session was followed by a ten minute steam session.

The steam opens up the pores and that helps in better absorption of oils.

This was a truely relaxing yet rejuvenating experience with holistic results. Generally, we runners experience tight muscles after a long run. The Abanghya helped me loosen the tight calf muscles and got me ready for the next run :-)

A totally wonderful experience and I would thoroughly recommend Global Ayurveda for anyone wanting a true Ayurvedic experience.

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—  Shyamal, BLR

     India Ultra Marathon Champion

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